What does it mean to be eco-friendly? What is Greenwashing?

The era of the GREAT GREENWASH (the use of environmentally friendly marketing messages without any actual environmental benefits) is upon us. The best of intentions sometimes play second fiddle to economics. This has to change for the amount of waste in the world to start going away. We are witnessing the 3 R’s – Reduce, Recycle, and Re-use being unsustainable. A new model is emerging of 2 R’s – Reduce and Re-use. Recycling has been proven to be in many instances a greenwash (good word with no backend support) and in some instances an outright scam.

The net result of the Great Greenwashing?

Dumps full of ‘recylcing’ and rivers and oceans full of plastics. In Indonesia and other countries that take the worlds ‘recycling’, much of this ends up burned or in rivers that feed into the ocean.

Sick of the reality yet? How about the focus of our world leaders?

Meanwhile, your leaders are focused on – USA hates Iran, Iran hates USA, Drones killing people, suicide bombing, etc etc … the real war that mainstream media tends to avoid- perhaps because it is not as interesting- is the war being waged against the earth by the disposable plastics we are all entangled in.

The war we all need to wage right now-

Iran, USA, China, Russia, Korea, Canada, everyone– is the war to end the exponential increase in single use and non-recycled plastics (most recycled plastics are not recycled). While nation states volley for position in an every shrinking world, the one unifying thing we all share, our most valuable asset- is our earth. The fight to save her for future generations might be the only fight worth having.