Types of House Cleaning Services

A clean house is a delight to come home to, but it’s a lot of hard work to keep a house tidy all the time. Have more time to do other things besides cleaning the house by availing yourself of house cleaning services. Edmonton has quite a number of house cleaning services available to suit each house’s and home owner’s needs.

Basic house cleaning services https://mangomaids.com/carpet-cleaning-edmonton/

Residential cleaning involves a thorough dusting and cleaning of everything. A homeowner can choose to have the entire house cleaned or just specific rooms such as just bedrooms, bathrooms, the kitchen, etc. We’ll tailor your service to meet your needs.

Basic cleaning services for all rooms include cleaning everything through general dusting and wipe down. All windows and window sills are wiped down or washed. Glass surfaces like interior glass doors and patios are also cleaned. All furniture, décor, and shelves are also dusted. Floors are mopped or vacuumed, as well as the stairs. Carpets and rugs are all vacuumed thoroughly. Under cushions and other cloth furniture are also vacuumed. Linens are straightened or made up. All waste baskets are emptied and the collected garbage is left in the garage or where the client wants.

For bathrooms, house cleaning Edmonton services include a good and thorough cleaning of bath tubs, showers, and sinks. All glass surfaces such as windows and shower doors are wiped clean to remove any water stains and soap residue. Toilets are scrubbed well, including the seat, tank, base, lid and the entire bowl. Tiles, chrome and mirrors are cleaned, dried and shined. Cabinet fronts are wiped with damp cloths to remove dirt without damaging the wood panels. Countertops and vanities are cleaned and its contents are organized.

For kitchen cleaning, services include cleaning, drying, and polishing surfaces of all appliances, the sink, and the range hood. Chairs, tables, and fronts of cupboards are damp-wiped to remove any stains, food splatters, or dust. Microwave ovens are thoroughly cleaned inside and out, including the turntable. Front surfaces of stove top, oven, and fridge are all wiped down to remove all dirt and any food residue.
Client requests

Aside from the enumerated basic services for house cleaning, Edmonton-based providers also have some additional services available should the client request them. These services include

• Cleaning blinds and interior windows.
• Dusting light fixtures
• Washing walls – either spot cleaning or a thorough top to bottom cleaning.
Wall cleaning is limited to only as high as a 2-step ladder can reach.
• Cleaning Baseboards – these are cleaned during an initial cleaning. Upon request we can provide this service at a frequency of your choosing.
• Steam cleaning carpets in your home.
Other house cleaning services
Aside from the basics and client requests, residential cleaning services extend to other special, more serious tasks. These include:
• Cleaning upholstery
• Mattress cleaning
• Meticulous window cleaning (interior and exterior)
• Furnace and chimney cleaning
• Air duct cleaning

We can fulfill any house cleaning need and do the job very well.