Tools You Need to Make Your Windows Sparkle

If you got many windows on your house, cleaning them becomes a pain. Also, just cleaning them without the right equipment makes it difficult and time consuming. And if you try to lessen the effort you will give in cleaning, you can expect that you will waste your time since they will still look dirty if you do the cleaning process improperly. To reduce the time you need to spend and the effort you must exert making those glass windows sparkle, take note of the tips below that will help you get the right tools you need to clean those windows.

Get a Scrubber

It is common for homemakers and some people to use rags as their primary window-cleaning tool. However, there is a better tool that you can use, and that is a scrubber. Unlike a rag, a scrubber has a rough surface that can make it easier for you to scrub off the accumulated dust on your windows.

Invest on a Good Squeegee

A squeegee can cut your cleaning time in half. Instead of using some old rag to remove the cleaning liquid residue that your scrubber will leave on your windows, you can just use a squeegee to swipe it away. Take note that if you use a rag to do that job, it will leave some residues and dirt smudges on your window. And when those things become dry, your windows will become unevenly opaque, which will make them appear to be still dirty. And worse of all, it might look like a lousy person did a bad cleaning job on your windows.

When buying a squeegee, make sure that you get one with a metal frame, which Calgary window cleaners use. A squeegee with a plastic frame can get broken easily after continuous uses. Also, make sure that it is fitted with a sharp and hard rubber blade. Alternatively, if you got large windows, it is recommended that you get one with a 12” variety. It is also a good idea to buy two or three spare blades immediately once you buy your squeegee.

Know When to Change the Blade of Your Squeegee

The blade of this tool is the one that does the entire job. And of course, you should know when you should replace it to make sure you are using it optimally. Fundamentally, the only time you should change the blade is when it becomes rounded (loses its sharpness), sliced, or nicked. However, when that happens, you should not get a new one or use your spare yet. Fortunately, you can use the other edge of the rubber blade first. Just remove the blade from the squeegee, and insert the dull edge on the handle.

Dishwashing Liquid

You do not need any special cleaning chemical that Calgary window cleaners usually use to get your windows dirt free and shiny. All you need is a few tablespoons of dishwashing liquid and a few gallons of water. The dishwashing detergent is enough to make those dirt buildups to loosen up, and make it easier for you to scrub them away using a scrubber.