Why Super Santa?

Introducing Super Santa, a snow removal service by Mango Maids in Edmonton & Calgary.
Choose a convenient package and let out technicians take care of your property all season long.

Our technicians efficiently combine hand shovels, snow blowers and
icemelt to remove the snow from your home’s driveway, pathways, and sidewalks.

Super Santa - Snow Removal

  1. Convenient Packages – Choose between a season package or a monthly package.
  2. Avoid Injuries – Snow removal is one of the most common reasons for injuries and it requires proper technique and tools.
    Avoid it! Let our technicians do the heavy lifting.
  3. Safety – Not only is it mandatory to clear snow, but also a good safety practice during winter.
    Snowy and icy pathways are a hazard for you and your family.
  4. Spend Time Effectively – Spend time with family, friends, and loved ones this season.
    Our technicians complete the job in1/4th of the time required by the average homeowner.
  5. Customer Care – We are just a call away.

Our Snow Removal Process

We will measure your property in person or over the phone using Google Maps.

Select a convenient package. Once the contract details are verified and approved, leave the rest to us

You may not need this, but we are always available on (403) 389-4060

We service both Edmonton & Calgary!