Secret Techniques Homemakers Use When They Clean Their Houses

Cleaning is not all about dusting and wiping dirt off surfaces all around the house. It involves eradicating foul odors in refrigerators, removing stains in carpets, eliminating pet hair in sofas, and so on. The bigger the house and the greater the number of appliances you have, the longer and more difficult cleaning house can be. It is daunting task that most homemakers want to avoid, but they cannot. Because of that, they need to improvise and creatively come up with effective cleaning ideas that will not make them exhausted by this tremendous household chore. If you are interested on those ideas, a certain cleaning company in Calgary gathered all those ideas and compiled them in the list below for you to read.


Having troubles with the frequent accumulation of pungent stenches in your fridge? A good idea to counter that is to place a bowl of coffee beans and grounds inside it. Not only it will make the bad fumes disappear, but it will also make the fridge smell aromatic. A bowl can retain your refrigerator fresh for two months, so make sure you replace it now and then.


Are you already tired of cleaning your garbage can or trashcan weekly because it generates foul odor when it is empty? Well, the best thing you can do to put a stop to that is to place newspapers at the bottom of the can. It will absorb all the liquid and odor that will accumulate inside it. And when you dispose the garbage, the foul odor will come with newspaper, which make the trashcan accumulate less offensive smell.


Is there a magical way to clean your toilet? Yes, there is. Just drop two tables of antacids on your toilet bowl. Come back after 20 minutes, and you will see that mineral deposits and rust rings that accumulated on it will start to break off. To make sure that those nasty thingies will be gone from your toilet, brush your toilet a bit and flush.

Lemon Juice? Baking Powder?!

Lemon juice and baking powder mix. This combination is so popular that it will be surprising you do not know about it. Just mix these two to create a super effective cleaner for molds and mildew on your shower curtains and tiles. All you need to do is to paste or spread this mixture on the problematic places. Leave it sticking there for two or three hours, come back, and rinse – easy.

White Vinegar?

And lastly, the ever trusty white vinegar. Together with baking soda, white vinegar tops the list of the all in one cleaning material that is cheap and easily accessible (it will be shocking if you do not have any type of vinegar in your kitchen). Just get a bottle with a spray nozzle, and fill it with white vinegar. You can use it to remove stains, grime, mildew, scum (no, not your neighbor, but it works with people, too), and even mold.

Well, that is only a partial of creative techniques homemakers use whenever they want to clean their house. And as always, if you are a bit lazy to do some cleaning yourself, remember that you always have the option to hire somebody from a cleaning company in Calgary.