Recent Trends in the Cleaning Industry

Recent Trends in the Cleaning Industry

The steps it takes to thoroughly clean homes and commercial establishments include more than just sweeping and dusting. There is more to it than merely straightening things up and taking out the trash. The following are the top drivers of the cleaning industry in recent years and the main consideration of Edmonton cleaning company in choosing the cleaning solutions they use for their services: Edmonton cleaning company


The first and most important consideration is how effective the cleaning solution turns out to be. Can they live up to their promise? Cleaning homes and establishments can be really time-consuming. Cleaning companies would prefer an effective product that’s easy to use, cleans quickly, and delivers high quality results. Consumers, especially those in developed countries, are more willing to pay more if the product and the service provide top quality performance.

Products and services that incorporate innovative ideas and methods have a much bigger advantage over others, even among top performing services and products. No matter what market one is in, the key consideration is getting an edge over the rest of the competition. Thus, there should be innovative functions to make it rise above the rest.

Cost Effective

While a number of consumers are willing to pay more for top performing products and services, there is an equally significant number of consumers that prefer cheaper ones that perform just as well. A few are willing to settle for reduced performance levels in favor for paying less. This trend is often more prominent in developing countries.

Cleaning companies, as well as manufacturers are faced with the need to create a balance between results and cost. Customers who want cheaper products and services must still be able to receive satisfactory results. To minimize the costs, manufacturers and service providers tend to use less sophisticated ingredients, as well as less modern facilities.


With modern living constantly on the go everything has to be done in a flash. Cleaning products and services must be up to this challenge. A spotless home (or office, hotel, business establishment, etc) must be achieved in the least time possible. Quick and easy, with minimum effort is one of the growing considerations when choosing services and products.

For instance, cleaning wipes are increasingly becoming popular because users do not have to mix cleaning solutions to clean surfaces and once finished, just throw the used cleaning wipe in the trash. Fast, easy, efficient.

Another consideration is getting multiple functions with a single service or product. For example, a cleaning solution must be able to effectively remove grease and dirt, and at the same time, sanitize. Another example is a vacuum that washes fabric surfaces, dries and sanitizes it to.

Environmental awareness

Edmonton cleaning company believes in reducing the impact of its services and products on the environment. There is a growing concern about how much the environment deteriorates from human activities. Cleaning companies and manufacturers are joining the rest of the world in efforts to minimize any harmful effects to the environment.

There are still many more trends and considerations in the cleaning industry, however all of them are geared towards providing the best service, the best value and the least harm to the area being cleaned. These are the pillars Edmonton cleaning company provides each and every one of its customers and the environment.