More Than Just Simple Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning any space may seem like an easy task, but it takes more than just wiping off the visible dirt and dust to make sure that your space is truly clean, safe, and healthy for you or anyone who uses it. If you are too busy to truly take the time to clean your home or your office, you might want to consider hiring professional services so that your space gets the cleaning it deserves.

Mango Maids Services

Mango Maids is a cleaning company locally based in different parts of Canada. The company is touted as the best cleaning company in Calgary, Alberta, and Edmonton, Canada, and it is also considered among the top cleaning service providers in Regina, Winnipeg, Vancouver, and Saskatoon. There are many things that the company boasts of, including a highly professional team of workers who are always punctual, friendly, and committed to serving the clients’ needs. The company also provides free quotes for interested customers, with no hidden costs or charges. Additionally, they use environmentally friendly cleaning products and superior house and commercial cleaning tools and equipment to make sure that satisfaction is guaranteed.

Cleaning Checklist

Perhaps one of the things that set Mango Maids Calgary apart from other cleaning services in the country is their cleaning checklist. Every time you have your home or commercial space serviced by Mango Maids, they tick off a checklist to make sure that they cover everything that needs to be done. The checklist includes instructions for dusting, vacuuming and/or mopping, and emptying the wastebaskets in all rooms. All surfaces and doors, and even the spaces under the furniture are also included in the checklist. Aside from the general guidelines for all rooms, the checklist also has special provision for the bathrooms and the kitchen.  cleaning checklist

Bathroom cleaning requires the scrubbing of all parts of the toilet including the bowl, the lid, the tank, and the base. Mango Maids professionals also make sure that the showers, tubs, and sinks are all cleaned meticulously. Even mirrors, chrome, and tile surfaces are made to shine so that the space looks new and fresh. As for the kitchen, special attention is provided for the stove tops and oven, the fridge, and any and all appliances you may have. Even the insides of the appliances are cleaned, not just the outside and surfaces, to make sure that you enjoy your next cooking experience.

Extras and Special Requests

If you have any special requests or extra services that you want to avail of, simply inform Mango Maids Cleaning Service when you book with them. These extra services include carpet cleaning, grout cleaning, and wall cleaning. You may notice stain marks on your walls and surfaces, and if you want to get rid of them, simply inform your Mango maids professional and they will know what to do. Most of those who avail of these extra services are people who have just moved in to a new used home. To make sure that you are moving in to a clean and safe environment, make sure to have everything cleaned and checked so that you do not have any problems in the future.