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Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchens are known to often be the most used room in your home or business. Dirty kitchens can quickly become unappealing and even potentially dangerous for food preparation and spending time. Clean surfaces, appliances and kitchen floors allow for home and business owners to get the most from their kitchen space.


A clean kitchen space is a welcoming kitchen space. Spotless counter tops, microwaves, ovens, stove tops, floors and more all make your residential or commercial kitchen space much more attractive and even safe. Utilize professional kitchen cleaning surfaces to take the job off your plate and to make sure it is done perfectly.


The Kitchen cleaning team at Mango Maids has the knowledge and experience to clean up any kitchen mess and to provide regular kitchen cleaning services. We can work clean you home kitchen or provide professional janitorial services for your commercial kitchen space. Call or email Mango Maids today with your kitchen cleaning needs!


Kitchen Cleaning Process

The kitchen cleaning process is made up of several in-depth steps that are designed around the specific cleaning needs of your commercial or residential kitchen.  Cleaning the surfaces in the kitchen such as the counters, stove tops, range hoods, sinks and more is an important step towards cleaning your kitchen. The kitchen appliances like microwaves, ovens and more all likely need to be wiped and cleaned. Finally the kitchen floor will be cleaned using eco-friendly materials and processes ideal for your specific flooring material.  Contact Mango Maids today, or schedule a kitchen cleaning consultation through our “Book Online’ Page!


Residential Kitchen Cleaning

As a homeowner, your kitchen space will be used for a range of fun and important activities. From cooking and eating, to entering and spending time with loved ones, kitchens are very multi-purpose space in the home. Don’t let built up grime, or long-standing stains leave potent odors and potentially dangerous bacteria in your kitchen. Dirty kitchen spaces can often become very unappealing to the resident and guests of the home. Having you kitchen professionally cleaned to remove long-term mess or to clean your kitchen on an ongoing basis to ensure that it never become very dirty. The team at Mango Maids can help with all your kitchen cleaning questions and needs!


Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Similar to residential kitchens, commercial kitchen spaces serve various purposes for businesses. These can be restaurants kitchens that are pushed to the limit on nearly a daily basis, or simple in office kitchenette spaces for employees to store and warm up food. No matter what the real purpose of your commercial kitchen space, it is very important to keep the space clean and above all sanitary.   Unclean kitchen can have a range of small to very serious issues in the business. That is why you should consider professional commercial kitchen cleaning services from Mango Maids. We can help to clean your commercial kitchen space and make sure it is up to the standards of the business owners and employees alike.


Kitchen Cleaning Consultation

At Mango Maids we understand that there are an absolute range of different kitchen uses, styles and much more. We also know that each individual kitchen will require slightly specialized cleaning processes and likely equipment to bring the kitchen space to a completely sanitary and spotless space. In order to appeal to the individual nature of kitchen cleaning we always provide free kitchen cleaning consultation and estimates to our prospective clients. A Mango Maids professional will inspect your kitchen space for the types and levels of effective dirt, and create a custom kitchen cleaning plan ideal for the space. Contact Mango Maids today to schedule a kitchen cleaning consultation!


Move In and Move Out Kitchen Cleaning

Moving in and or out of your home is a busy and exciting time. You don’t want to worry about cleaning up after you leave or before you move in.  That is why Mango Maids offers moving in and moving out cleaning packages. These packages provide a deep clean to your recently past and soon to be home. We can help to make your move in and move out experience less dirty and stressful so you can truly feel the fresh start that your move represents. If you have any needs or questions regarding move in or out cleaning services, call or email Mango Maids today!

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