How to Clean Easily Your Carpet

Edmonton Carpet CleaningCarpets provide a majestic feel to houses. Aside from that, they also make rooms warm and cozy. However, there are two nasty tradeoffs with carpets; they start to stink and accumulate dirt fast if you do not know how to clean them. Before you look up companies that offer carpet cleaning in Edmonton, you might want to know how to clean them on your own and eliminate odors so you do not always have to pay for such services.

The First Step

The first thing you should do to clean your carpet is vacuuming. It will remove the dirt debris and dust particles that can make it harder for you to do the next steps in this guide. Make sure that you vacuum the entire surface of the carpet. Repeat the process.

Detergent and Water

If you have an ordinary, simple, or cheap carpet, you can use detergent and water to make it damp, easier to brush, and remove the remaining lint and dirt that the vacuum was unable to suck. Get a pail and mix some detergent and water. You can just fill the pail, and mix a few tablespoons of the detergent until the solution becomes a bit foamy.

Soaking Your Carpet

Get a clean cloth, and soak it in the detergent solution. After that, wipe the carpet surface and make it damp. If there are some solid stains or hard to remove dirt, apply more detergent to that area. On the other hand, you might want to consider treating those areas with some commercial carpet stain remover. Wait for three to five minutes for the carpet to absorb the detergent solution you have applied before proceeding to the next step.

The Brushing Process

The next cleaning tool you need is a carpet brush. Lightly brush the carpet. On the other hand, clean the hard to remove stains and accumulated dirt on the carpet by applying more force and stroking the brush in all directions over the stubborn spots.

Drying the Carpet

Once you are done with that, place and press clean rags or white towels on the carpet. Those will prevent dirt from sticking to the carpet again and absorb the excess detergent at the same time.

Removing the Detergent Solution

It is now time to remove the detergent from the carpet. To do that, wipe the carpet with a cloth soaked with water. Then, brush the carpet once again to remove the detergent. Use some clean clothes to absorb the excess water. And then leave it to dry. To make that process faster, you might want to use an electric fan and opening your house’s windows. Remember, it is essential that you remove the detergent from the carpet. Leaving it there will cause your carpet to accumulate dirt and soil faster than before.

Finishing the Task

To finish up your carpet cleaning task, get the vacuum again and run through the entire carpet. The vacuum will pick up the remaining dirt and the ones that has loosened up because of the water and detergent application. On the other hand, the vacuum will make the carpet look fluffy.

In case you lessen the effort you need to clean your carpet in the future, you might want to apply some carpet protector that carpet cleaning in Edmonton specialists recommends after you finish vacuuming.