Cost-Effective Alternatives: Home Made Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Minor spills don’t require the services of a professional cleaner. It’s actually quite easy to get rid of liquid stains provided one has the right cleaning solution. In carpet cleaning companies and professional maid services use heavy duty cleaning solutions to make it easier for them to do their jobs well. Unfortunately, these industrial-grade cleaning solutions can be quite expensive and dangerous to use if one doesn’t know what he or she is doing. The same goes for commercially available cleaning liquids. For those who want a more cost effective and safer alternative to store-bought solutions, they can actually create their own carpet cleaners using ingredients found inside the home.

  • Dish or Laundry Detergent Solution – Dishwashing liquids and detergents are great at breaking down dirt and stains. Adding a little bit of detergent to water and lightly scrubbing the affected area with it can help clean up fresh stains. This detergent solution may leave some residue behind when it dries so make sure to vacuum it after.
  • All-Purpose Home Cleaner Solution – Some stains are tougher to get rid of than others, especially when they have begun to dry. For hard-to-remove stains, combining bleach-free household cleaning liquid or powder with water, fabric conditioner and ammonia can help remove stains. The fabric conditioner helps keep the carpet fibers soft despite coming in contact with strong chemicals.
  • Baking Soda Solution – Mixing vinegar and baking soda to clean carpets is not exactly a secret, but surprisingly many people don’t know that this mixture can remove spots and stains from carpets. To make this solution, begin by mixing equal parts vinegar and baking soda. This will produce a thick paste which will then be diluted with water for easier application on the carpets. Letting a carpet stain soak in club soda for several minutes before scrubbing is also an effective solution.
  • Nail Polish Remover Solution – Non-acetone nail polish removers aren’t just for nails anymore. It can also be used to break down oil and remove tough stains on carpet. This solution is safe for use on both natural and synthetic fiber carpets. Apply a little bit of nail polish remover to a dry cloth and start dabbing on the stained area until the spot disappears.
  • Powder Cleaning Solution – Using a combination of dry ingredients such as corn flour, baking powder, and potpourri (for fragrance) can make vacuuming carpets much more interesting. Combine all these dry ingredients in a bag the night before vacuuming and sprinkle the powder all over the carpet. Use a broom to push the powder down in between the fibers and leave it overnight. This will absorb all the dirt and grime embedded in the carpet’s weaving. Vacuum the carpet thoroughly the next day.

These solutions are safer to use than commercially-bought carpet cleaners; however, if used improperly, they can still cause damage to the carpet. When using these homemade solutions, make sure that they aren’t poured directly onto the stain. These solutions still contain chemicals that can do more harm than good if not used as directed. For bigger, tougher stains, it’s best to call a Calgary carpet cleaning service.