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Chimney Cleaning

Chimneys don’t simply allow smoke to billow out of your home or business. Chimneys also have major ventilation and air quality impacts in your home or business. Dirty chimneys can result in a range of potential dangers for your property.


Dust and soot ridden chimneys can result in lower air quality in your building as well as poses major fire risks to the property. Don’t let you dirty chimney lessen the atmosphere and or potentially ruin your home or business. Rather utilize professional chimney cleaning services to completely clean or unclog your chimney.
At Mango Maids we can professionally clean any of your residential or commercial chimney spaces. Our team will leave you chimney clean and safe for future use. Contact Mango Maids today to schedule a chimney cleaning inspection and consultation.


Chimney Cleaning Services

The frequency of your chimney usage directly dictates how frequently you should have your chimney cleaned. Without regular chimney cleaning services soot and creosote can build up to cause chimney fire that can spread to the home. Professional chimney cleaning services can clear your chimney of any soot, dust, dirt or another contaminant that can lead to decreased air quality and potential chimney fires. The team of chimney cleaning professionals has the equipment and expertise to completely clean your chimney. Call or email Mango Maids today to learn how we leave your chimney in clean and safe conditions.

Chimney Inspections

The first step off and the chimney-cleaning project is the inspection of the chimney space. Completely understanding the levels, forms and associated dangers of the chimney build-up provides the adequate information to create a chimney cleaning plan and estimate. Let the professional chimney cleaners at Mango Maids come to inspect your chimney for any levels of dirt, soot or potential substances leading to declined air quality and risks of fire in your home and or business. If you have any questions about our chimney inspection process or benefits, contact Mango Maids today!

Chimney Sweep Services

Soot is produced in your chimney when there is a surplus of carbon emitted in the fireplace burning below.   Soot and other chimney build-up contaminants can lead to ranges of fire and air quality risks in your residential or commercial property.  To combat the buildup of soot in the chimney in your home or business, contact the chimney sweeping professional at Mango Maids. We have the skills, equipment and experience to completely relieve you chimney space from the potential contaminants.

Chimney Cleaning Calgary

The weather in Calgary and across Western Canada can create very dusty and or cold environments.  The cold results in more frequent fireplace uses across Calgary. Increased fireplace usage directly results in dirtier chimneys. Dirtier chimneys often result in lowering air quality and higher risks of fires in the home or business. Don’t let your dirty chimney put the health and safety of your loved ones or employees at risk. Contact the chimney sweep and clean professionals at Mango Maids to help with a your Calgary chimney cleaning needs. We are here to help remove all the soot from your chimney in order to return it to a completely clean and functional condition!

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