Carpets are cozy and stylish things to have in a home, office, playroom, or just about anywhere. They provide warmth, padding and insulation, not to mention the aesthetic value. While they are good things to have, they can also be a challenge when it comes to cleaning them.

Glue, paint, nail polish, oil, grease, wine, juice- name it and it will find its way to the carpet. These stains and spills have a way of staying on the carpet, marring its lovely surface and even cause damage. Wet patches on carpets can quickly become habitat for fungi and molds, which can slowly eat away the carpet. Grease and other oil-containing substances can damage the carpet, causing molds to grow or create unsightly oil stains that would not easily go away.

Another reason to clean carpets is insect infestation. The carpet hairs are great hiding places for ticks, fleas, carpet beetles and other insects. Without regular and proper cleaning, these insects will multiply, feeding on the carpet fibers.

What to look for in carpet cleaning service

There are many companies that offer carpet cleaning, Okotoks area for example. Offers vary and so does the quality of service. In order to get the professional quality service with the best value for money, here are a few tips:

  • Ask questions

Do not hesitate to ask questions. TV and radio ads, newspaper and magazine advertisements and the yellow pages are all designed to make a company look great. Do not take them at face value. Ask before agreeing to take the services of any carpet cleaning company.

Ask how long the company has been in business. Experience speaks volumes about the company. Longer time in the business means more experience with a lot of carpet cleaning needs, as well as quality of service.

Ask about the trainings and certification of the company’s employees. Good service comes from trained and highly skilled cleaners.

Ask about the cleaning products they use. Be particularly concerned if the cleaning products have a Seal of Approval. This seal is an assurance that the cleaning product delivers the best cleaning performance without damaging the carpet.

Ask about how they clean carpets. Specifically, ask if they vacuum first before deep cleaning. This crucial first step means that the company what they are doing and that they are doing it right. The result of cleaning this way is way better and more thorough.

  • Get the company to perform an in-house estimate

Carpet cleaning costs vary, depending on the type of cleaning needs, type of carpet material and size of the area, among other considerations. Do not rely on advertised costs. Before hiring any company, have them send a representative to see the area to be cleaned and ask for an estimate. This way, the cost is negotiated upfront and before any job is done. Also, before the service is given, ask for a written contract stating the specifics of the cleaning service to be done and the cost. This will prevent any surprises and “additional fees” come payment time. Carpet cleaning Okotoks companies are willing to negotiate cleaning contracts that will give the customer’s money’s worth.


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