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Bathroom Cleaning

A clean bathroom is a wonderful place for your own cleanliness as well as relaxation in your home.  Showers, bathtubs, clean floors and mirrors truly bring a level of ambiance to bathrooms that can be hard to match elsewhere in the home. Don’t let a massy or unsanitary bathroom ruin the potential of the space.   


Bathrooms deal with a range of potential contaminants. There are personal hygiene processes and levels of moisture that can develop some serious messes and bacteria in the space. Make sure that you bathroom space is clean and comfortable with a professional bathroom cleaning service.


The bathroom cleaning and sanitizing professionals at Mango maids can turn your messy bathroom into a spotless space for your personal hygiene and relaxation. We have the skills, industry knowledge and effective eco-friendly products to deal with each of your potential bathroom cleaning needs and services. Contact Mango Maids today with your professional bathroom cleaning needs!


Bathroom Cleaning Process

Bathrooms are rooms in homes and businesses can face some serious messes, so the cleanup process needs to be in-depth and effective. The first step of the bathroom cleaning process is the consultation and inspection of the space. After a Mango Maids professional has a complete understanding of what is required to clean your residential or commercial space, a customized plan is created. The appliances, surfaces and entire area of the bathroom will need to be completely cleaned, sanitized and dried.  The team at Mango Maids utilized powerful eco-friendly cleaning products with thorough processes to ensure that bathroom is spotless when we are finished.


Residential Bathroom Cleaning

Residential bathrooms are utilized form much more personal roles than commercial bathrooms. These rooms provide lighting, hygiene appliances and often-luxurious design aspects to make the room a great place to relax. Though if a bathroom space becomes very dirty, smelly and or unpleasant it can quickly become a very undesirable room in the home. Let the bathroom-cleaning experts at Mango Maids return and keep your bathroom clean and stunning. We have the skills, products equipment and knowledge to make your bathroom a very clean and comforting space.


Commercial Bathroom Cleaning

Commercial bathrooms often serve some very different or more specific functions then residential bathrooms. Where residential bathrooms are spaces of personal hygiene and relaxation, commercial bathrooms are much more focused on toilet and sink functions. The cleanliness of commercial bathrooms is immensely important to the functionality and even safety of the bathroom. Commercial bathrooms in large commercial buildings can also be much larger and more used than residential bathrooms making them often much more dirty and harder to clean. Leave the commercial bathroom cleaning jobs to Mango Maids. Our professional janitorial services can help with any commercial bathroom cleaning needs or situations!


Bathroom Appliance and Surface Cleaning

In both commercial and residential bathrooms the major appliances can often see the most mess and potential need for cleaning. Showers, tubs toilets hand dryers and more can become very dirty with consistent and especially with high traffic usage. Unclean toilets sinks and showers cannot only be less pleasant to uses but can also develop potentially harmful bacteria on their surfaces. Ensure the cleanliness and safety of your bathroom space with bathroom appliance cleaning services. Mango Maids will make sure that your appliances are completely cleaned beyond your expectations during our bathroom cleaning process.


Clean Your Bathroom With Mango Maids

Trust any and all of your professional bathroom cleaning needs to Mango Maids!  We have years of experience with countless serving commercial and residential bathroom cleaning clients, across Western Canada. We can help with all your bathroom inspection, consultation, and clean up needs. Our team has the expertise, knowledge and eco-friendly products to make your commercial and or residential bathroom a clean and comfortable space. Mango Maids is here for your bathroom cleaning needs. Call or email us with questions or to schedule a bathroom cleaning consultation today!

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