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Basement Cleaning

Basements can serve a variety of roles for different individuals. For families, basements can be the movie night location and or the fun center for playful kids. Basements can also be the entrainment centers and great places to relax and more in the home for singles.

Clean basement spaces allow people to get the absolute most from the space. Spotless counter tops, appliances, or simply floors and framing in undeveloped spaces can make the basement so much more inviting and friendly. Don’t let your basement become an unpleasant and dirty space.

Contact the Mango Maid team with your Western Canada basement cleaning requirements and or questions. Our team can help with all you developed and undeveloped basement cleaning needs. Call or email Mango Maids for professional basement cleaning services today!

Professional Basement Cleaning Services

Basements should be comfortable spaces for families, children, and singles of any age to spend quality time with those they care about. Basements can also be ideal places in the home for storing seasonal decorations and clothes, food, beverages and much more.  Both the nature of basements, as well as the potential roles of storage in the respective spaces, can cause a variety of bacteria, dust, and other messes to come about. Make sure you basement space is as comfortable and safe as possible with professional basement cleaning services.


Basement Carpet Cleaning

Developed basements showcase the homeowner’s commitment to comfort and luxury within the space.  Don’t let your desired comfort and function of the space be deteriorated by a messy, stained and unclean carpet in the developed space.  Basement carpets can often soak in spills, capture dust and hide garbage that has been dropped. Soaked in materials and bacteria the carpet can be difficult to clean without professional products and equipment. The experts at Mango Maids have the skills and equipment to completely clean your basement carpet!  Contact Mango Maids with all your basement carpet cleaning needs!


Basement Surface Cleaning

Surfaces in your basement can face a variety of spills, materials, foods and dust that can come to make these surfaces quite dirty. Countertops, table, windowsills and so many more basement surfaces can become dirtied by the various materials and substances they can into contact with. Storage areas likely require immense dusted services to remove the long-standing dust from the area. Feel free to contact Mango Maids anytime with your basement surface cleaning needs. We have the skills and products to completely clean and sanitize all you basement structural and appliance surfaces!


Move In and Move Out Basement Cleaning

Moving in and or out of your home is a major process for all those involved. Removing and all your storage materials, furniture appliances and more can leave a fair share of dust and mess in your basement. Also, basements often need some major dusting, carpet clowning and touch up cleaning services before they are up to the standards of those moving into the home. Let Mango maids handle your entire move in and out basement cleaning needs. We can help to make sure your past and or soon to be basement is completely clean so that you can simply focus on the move!


100% Basement Clean Satisfaction

At Mango Maids, we are extremely confident that we be able to completely clean your basement space.  We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our entire basement cleaning services. We know that our eco-friendly cleaning products and equipment, in conjunction with the skilled Mango Maids employees will leave your basement space as comfortable as it is spotless.  

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